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Conky Install

Conky Install Install it by simply using the package manger: sudo apt install conky Configure it to start at launch by adding to /etc/xdg…

Connect TH-D74 to Raspberry PI via Bluetooth

Connect TH-D74 to Raspberry PI via Bluetooth To get started, it's easiest to use the GUI to connect to the TH-D74. At the end of that…


D-STAR - TH-D74A Diving into D-STAR – TH-D74A By Toshen, KEØFHS (Updated Jul 2018, CC BY-SA) Quick links to this page's content…

D-STAR Quick-Start Guide

D-STAR Quick-Start Guide by Rob Locher W7GH The goal of this document is to give the reader just enough information to get started operating…

DMR Simplex Frequencies

DMR Simplex Frequencies 441.000 446.500 446.075 443.450 145.790 145.510 Talk Group 99 Time Slot 1 Color Code 1

DRAWS™ Installation

DRAWS™ Installation Draws Getting Started FT-817 setup Draws Manager Raspberrry-Pi-Tracker