Pocket reading 2022-03-06

Pocket reading 2022-03-06

Items read today:

Today, I went on a trip down memory lane. I came across some old posts from my website which was just links to some things I had read (or listened to) - in this case about productivity (see links above). The Journey started with a podcast from Asian Efficiency entitled "Wellness Apps". From there, some of the things they mentioned lead me to my old posts.

Looking over the old articles was an interesting journey. I always enjoy looking at how others have built their own productivity systems and often times I take a nugget from their system and integrate it into mine (see information about my current "tool-set" here).

The most interesting find for me was the hybrid journal by James Gowans. James took the Bullet Journal concept, and simplified it. For me, this is a great start. I like the bullet journal idea, but I'm not nearly creative enough to keep up with it - at least not the way that I've seen it presented on the web. My method of tracking things is more of a simple bulleted list approach, although lately I've been using a process similar to the Dash/Plus System. James' hybrid approach is similar to mine in concept - although he has a good bit more process around his - I'm a bit loose on my reviews and such.

The readings did remind me even old posts on the internet can have some significant value.