Radio-AnyTone D878UVPlus

Radio-AnyTone D878UVPlus

AnyTone D878UVPlus Upgrade

Firmware/CPS Update

  • Download the Firmware/CPS Software
  • Install the CPS software
  • Connect the radio to the computer
  • Read the current code plug from the radio and save it
  • Turn the radio off
  • Hold the PTT and PF3 buttons (top alarm key) at the same time, power on radio, the red LED will begin blinking
  • Use the CPS Software to update the firmware (Tools -> Firmware and Icon Update)
  • After the radio reboots, turn the radio off
  • Reboot the MCU - hold the PTT and PF1 buttons, the radio will ask "Are you sure you want to initialize the radio?" Select the Green menu key to confirm.
  • Set the clock
    • Use the P1 key to scroll or navigate through the GMT date / time fields
    • Note the active field for data set will be shown in Red text
    • Up and Down arrow keys will allow you to change the information in the fields
    • AFTER you have all the correct information entered, use the Green menu key to confirm the settings and the radio will restart.
  • Reload the saved code plug


  • Download the updated contacts from
  • Import the contacts into the CPS
  • Write the contacts to the radio