Antenna-2 Meter J-Pole
William McKeehan
William McKeehan
February 11, 2022

Antenna-2 Meter J-Pole

2 Meter J-Pole Antenna

Original directions taken from the 2005 QST Article A Backpacker's Delight - The folding J-Pole by KA0ZLG (Link is valid for ARRL members only).

The J-Pole that I made was not a folding J-Pole. It was fabricated using 1/2" copper pipe and 3/4" copper clamps were used for connection points to the antenna. The center of the coax goes to the driven element.

My measurements:

A 60.0" Driven Element
B 20.0" Matching Stub
C 4.25" to screws on clamp
D 2.75" Spacing

The clamps were turned so that the coax was connected between the driven element and the matching stub.